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Posted : May 18, 1998

Subject: Mexican Borgward

Hi there!

It is really nice to find someone who loves Borgwards as me. I felt as the odd one out,I have not met any other girl with that kind of car. I am proud to own one made in Mexico in 1969. It is a Gross Borgward with the Aztec calendar in the middle of the wheel.

Now is in good condition. I would like to contact other Mexican owners to chat about spare parts, and to other owners. my e-mail address is: It is only for e-mail purposes and checked daily,

Thanks for being there Tom.

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Posted : May 12, 1998

Subject: Borgward Club of SOUTH AFRICA.

The first Borgward products were imported to this country in the early 50's which included all the popular makes such as Hansa, Isabella, Pullman, Lloyd, Goliath, P100 and most of the commertial vehicles.The Isabella was by far the most popular mainly for its durability,economy and the ability to maintain high speeds for a considerable period of time. Borgwards were also raced very successfully.

The Borgward Club of S.A. was started in 1961 which makes it the second oldest one make car club in S.A. Initially the emphasis was on outings and runs but since the late seventies the club has earned a reputation for high standard of restoration and wellkept cars.Judged by comments from German visitors we must have some of the finest Borgwards left in the world.Our dry climate has obviously been a great help!

During the 80's the club was devided into two regions, Southern and Northern.We operate as two independant clubs sharing mutual interests such as spares,competitions etc.

Hope this gives you some idea of our activities!



Graham Davies


Posted : May 7, 1998

Subject: South Africa National Concours

Hi Thomas,

I'm Graham Davies from South Africa. We have a very active Borgward club going. Membership is presently 150 representing about 250 cars. We organise outings, meetings,competitions etc. On 24 -27 September 1998 we will be having our National Concours at Gariep dam central S.A.

I own the following: 60 coupe 60 TS 60 TS de luxe 59 Isabella

And my son Osmond a 57 Isabella.

If anybody is visiting South Africa, he is most welcome to contact me. Tel. 021-992286


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Posted : April 29, 1998

Subject: Borgward

Hi Tom,

My father and I found your Borgward site. My father owns a 1959 Borgward Isabella Coupe that he bought in 1965. I actually came home from the hospital in it when I was born. We still have the car and it does run. I also own a 1959 Borgward (it's actually a 58 because of the large diamond in the front). I found it and bought it last year from the original owner.

The car is almost completely in pieces. My father and I plan to restore both cars in the first few years. I have worked on Borgwards since I was 15. I find the cars wonderful and get asked questions about it, when I drive it.

Just thought I would say hi.

Karl (father) and Georg Taht (son) _____________________________________________________________________

Posted : April 7, 1998

Subject: Borgward Wagon?

I seem to remember my father owning a Borgward wagon of about '63 vintage. Is there such an animal? Could I find pictures?

Please let me know. I'll check back often.


Brian Piper

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Dallas, TX USA


Posted : February 25, 1998

Subject: Vintage Racing Borgwards

hi -i bought my first bogward(58 ts) in hi school (64) and still have it as a parts car!!! owned 4 at one time but now i am sharing one (60 isabella) that we are puting the ts engine into and hope to go racing in 99. write to me at if you have any info on usa racing histoy or pictures of borgwards racing. i am member of the "other" borgward owners club - #343 and live in seattle area

Bob Schott E-Mail :


Posted : December 29, 1997 Subject: Borgward!!!

Dear Tom, I´ve found your homepage today and was excited to find an original Long Wheel Base 230 GL. Never saw one of those cars in original. I´m an Borgward Enthusiast since I´m 15 years old: My first car was an Arabella, which is in restoration at the moment. I owned 2 Isabella Coupés, and today I have one Goliath 1100 Sedan, 1 Hansa 1100 Geschäftswagen (last one ever build), the Arabella and 1 Borgward B 522 A0 Fire Engine Car from 1961. In 1989 I bought an Isabella Coupé, Chassis.# 368 131 in Long Beach, California. I have very good contacts to the Borgward Clubs in Europe, and this December my Borgward-Isabella-Book "Fräulein-Wunder" had his Debut in Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart - with many new facts, unknown photographs, exclusive new details of Borgward history. Would be glad to hear from you and other Borgward Owners in US (will be in the Boston area next year - perhaps there will be the possibility to meet). And: Can anybody help me in contacting the Borgward-Enthusiast Jerry Lips, who lived in Denver at the end of the 80s? I left contact to him and would be glad to hear something from him. Grüße aus Deutschland, Christian & seine Autos aus Bremen. (ChristianSteiger)


Subject: Borgward nostalgia.

Dear Tom,

You have to include a little corner at your site for jawbonin' about our beloved Borgwards ! I haven't had one since 1960, when I panicked and sold my '57.

I hate to admit, but I still dream that I found my car and bought it back ! I have a myriad of tales to swap with other bygone owners who would buy one tomorrow if the car the price was right.

Bit of trivia: Before WWII, the car was known in Germany as the Hansa 1500. The factory made Messerschmidt aircraft during the conflict. Karl's advisors suggested the name change after the war for obvious reasons. If you look obliquely at the diamond grille ornament on the '57 models ( I don't know about later models),the thin vertical chrome members spell out "HANSA 1500". An immigrant to the USA pointed the fact out to me one day. He had asked me what kind of car I was driving and took exception to the fact when I said it was a Borgward! He became adament over the fact that he knew it was a Hansa. It seems he worked in the factory before the war !! He spotted the name in the grille work and pointed it out to me. His English wasn't so hot, but he sure taught me a lesson about my pride and joy.

Alex Hadfield


Posted September 23, 1997


Borgward 230L Limousine 1960 (see picture below)


    HISTORY: This model (six cylinder in line engine)Borgward GL Limousine was launched in Germany in 1960. The Plant was then closed and sold complete to Mexico in 1965. The Plant was installed in Monterrey, Mexico and started production in 1968. Borgward Isabella was never built in Mexico. This car was built in 1968. The Limousine model was a special edition and only 10 cars were made for the principal stockholders . This car is the only known survivor and belonged to one of the stockholders. Again, the new Borgward auto-maker company went bankrupt in 1970, dismantling the plant and making new Borgward cars disappear from the face of the earth; that makes this car a rare and unique collectors item that is old, in excellent condition and very scarce. _____________________________________________________________________

    Posted : October 14, 1997

    Subject: Borgward Isabella TS

    My name is Tim Hancock and I live in Boston, England (The original I hasten to add, where the Pilgrim Fathers were somewhat shabbily treated, but I digress). My father had a beatiful blue metallic Isabella TS in the late 50s and us kids were proud as peacocks to have just about the only Borgy in Yorkshire. he did some minor (very minor) rallies in it with one miniscule trophy to his credit, the 'Curates canter' cup at the Northern Centre of the British Automobile Racing Club . I do remenber the crankshaft breaking at Aysgarth in the Yorkshire Dales ( James Herriot Country to Y'all) and we all had to sit and wait for hours whilst someone got a lift back to fetch our other car. Foreign cars were pretty rare in the UK in the late fifties

    Borgward Isabellas were raced successfully in the UK by a man called Bill Blydenstein up until about 1962. I remember cheering him on at Aintree Race Circuit near Liverpool. He is still around I believe and turned his skills to Vauxhalls (GM) and he produced some very powerful saloon cars(sedans)racers for them. I am not sure what he does now, but I bet he knows a thing or two even now. I can't remember when I last saw a Borgward, but finding your site certainly jogged some happy memories




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