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Posted: May 29, 1998

Subject: Borgward Restoration Parts Needed

I've stumble across an Isabella coupe (haven't figured out what year) that would be an easy restoration. Shortly after this find, I located, by shear luck, a couple more coupes, sedans, and kombis (8 total).

1) I've looked around but have not been able to find any production numbers on Borgward. Do you know what the production numbers are for each model within each year? Or, do you (or anyone who reads this) know of a good book that will have this information?

2) Are there any manufacturers producing replacement part? I'd be looking for everything from rubber door/window seals and glass to engine components. Essentially, enough parts to do a quality restoration.

CONTACT BY E-MAIL: (Michael A. Brown) ____________________________________________________________________ Posted : April 6, 1998 Subject: availability of parts Can buy a '57 coupe Isabella TS.Fairly neglected.Would like to know availability of such things as windscreen rubbers,door rubbers,chrome parts, etc.Regards,Chris.
CONTACT BY E-MAIL: Chris Van Houweninge "" ____________________________________________________________________ Posted : January 26, 1998 Subject: Borgwards and parts for sale I am interested in buying and selling through BORGWARD OWNERS ELITE. I own 6 complete cars and many more cars in parts. Mr Todd P.O. Box 65 Mad River, CA 95552-065 1-800-569-6476
CONTACT BY E-MAIL: Zion Timshel Rowan "" -- Zion Rowan Internet Consultant Z.C.O. Internet Solutions 1630 Merrill St #614 Work: 408-465-9442 Santa Cruz CA 95062 Fax: 408-465-1462 ____________________________________________________________________ Posted : December 23, 1997 Subject: Borgward Literature I am an auto literature dealer in Rhode Island. I am overstocked with original Borgward Owner's Manuals, Spare Parts Catalogues and Workshop Manuals. Do any of your club members need them? If so, have them call, fax or e-mail me.
CONTACT BY E-MAIL: Barry Jay Schiff "" Schiff European Automotive Literature Inc. 373 Richmond Street Providence, RI 02903 (401) 453-5370 (401) 453-5372 fax ____________________________________________________________________ Posted : November 13, 1997 Subject: Borgward Parts Available I have a select inventory of Parts for sale for Borgwards I have such items as bearings (main and rod), valves, brake items, tie rod ends, gaskets, top hoses, clutch repair kits, slave repair kits, a very few front wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, presure plates, clutch disks, ujoints.
CONTACT: Matt Moore "" _______________________________________________________________________ Posted August 28, 1997 Re: Isabella parts I have a hubcap, grill and radiator for an Isabella that I'd like to sell. Do you know anyone interested? $200 or best offer.
CONTACT: Don Latarski "" _____________________________________________________________________ Posted August 28, 1997 Subject: Tool Kit for Borgward Isabella Coupe I would like to buy original Tool Kit Complete to my Borgward Isabella Coupe 1958. My adress is Hans Wiklund, Gruvbacken 2, 116 34 Stockholm, Sweden Tel No 46-8-6417994, 46-8-6981761,
CONTACT: Hans Wiklund "" ____________________________________________________________________ Posted July 29, 1997 Subject:Isabella Combi Are you aware of a source of car covers that would fit a Borgward Isabella Combi ?
CONTACT: McPhero "" _________________________________________________________________ Posted July 16, 1997 Subject: PAAAARTS I am searching for parts for a 1959 Borg. Rumor has it that there may be clubs or companies in Germany with new parts, or junker parts. Have you got any ideas? Thanks,
CONTACT: Bob "" ____________________________________________________________________ Posted July 14, 1997 Parts supplier for 1961 Borgward Coupe We are looking a supplier of spare parts for our Borgward. We have heard rumors that in their last production country (Brazil/Mexico?) there are still parts available? (floor pans...) Any info/help would be a great help. Location : Ontario, Canada
CONTACT: ANDREAS SCHNEIDER "" ____________________________________________________________________ Posted June 30, 1997 Well done , I have a lot of parts for Borgward Isabellas etc also need parts for my coupe which is in pieces right now , keep in touch Cheers,... Collin
CONTACT: COLLIN COWIE "" ____________________________________________________________________ Posted June 16, 1997 : Subject: Borgward for parts ......... SOLD ! I have a 1959 Isabella coupe that has been vandalized and may have some usable parts. I also have an extra engine and other parts. LOCATION : Salem, Oregon USA
CONTACT: ED ISAKSEN "" Fax: (503)606.2892 Phone: (503)838.4639 SOLD ! ___________________________________________________________________



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